Introducing Sortegrisen

The hide-away of Copenhagen couple Pernille and Christian, Sortegrisen is one of Radar Magazine’s most recent blog acquisition. We decided to find out how the two met.

Tell us more about who you are and what you do?
– We are a couple living together in Copenhagen. Christian is working as a manager at a post office, and Pernille is working as a daycare nurse. We are both dreaming of doing other things, but luckily we have the blog as our hide-away, where we can take a break from the real world. It’s mainly Christian that is the photographer and Pernille the model. Other than that Pernille is working on a jewellery brand of her own, and Christian is dreaming of working as a fashion photographer.

When did you two meet?
– We actually met online about five years ago, they say with a laugh. Yeah, we’re one of those couples. We were the best of friends for about a year and a half before we became a couple.

What is in your opinion the best thing about living in Copenhagen?
– The best thing is the diversity, the culture, and all the inspiring streets, where we can shoot some pretty photos for the blog. Other than that, almost all of our friends are living in Copenhagen, which is a big plus. Copenhagen is at it’s best during the summertime, when everything is green, and you can sit in a park, hide away from the traffic, and drink some cold white wine.


Why did you decided to start a blog?
– As we spend a lot of time together, we both thought it was a good idea to work on a project together. It has made us stronger as a couple, and we’re sure that we one day will have a business of our own. We’re an awesome team!

What will we see in your blog?
– A lot of pictures! Our blog is all about the photos, and we both love shooting them. As we said before, it’s mostly Christian that is the photographer and Pernille the model, but every now and then the roles switch. You can find everything, pics from our everyday life, outfits, music recommendation, and a lot of other fun things.

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