Introducing Y+M

With a great weakness for dark clubs and late nights, DJ duo Ylva Lundberg and Malin Evrenos spend most of their time raising hell in various bars and clubs around Sweden. Let us introduce our latest blog recruit Y+M.

Tell us more about who you are and what you do.
– We DJ a bunch, in bars and clubs in Stockholm and around Sweden, mostly playing house and techno. We used to wobble around Stockholm’s club scene and take neon-drenched nightlife photos, but we don’t really have time (or energy) for that line of work any more. We go to a business school to study a Masters in Marketing at Stockholm School of Economics sporadically. Malin has swapped SSE for SAE for half a year now to study a music production program. We both work, Ylva at VICE and Malin at a cool temporary tattoo company called BODYMESS as Marketing Manager/Co-founder. In our (quite limited) spare time we enjoy spending time with each other and with friends, mostly in clubs and other dark places such as raves and very base-y basements. We also really like music.

How do you two know each other?
– We know each other from business school, we both spotted each other on pedigrees of less clean clothes and a grander weakness for late nights than the rest of our school population. We really made friends in an obnoxiously long line to the ladies room on a school ski-trip to Chamonix. We both agreed that hijacking the men’s urinal was the only reasonable thing to do. So it was sort of love at second site.

Ylva, what’s the best thing about Malin? And Malin, what’s the best thing about Ylva?
– Hmmm. We’re both sort of terrible with expressing emotion. But we really really like each other. Exactly how much can be learnt in a video here:

Do you remember when you had your first DJ-set together? When was it, and how did it go?
– Of course, it was in the F12 Studio back in 2011. It was spectacular. But we really had no idea how to DJ. So technically, it probably wasn’t that good. But all our friends were there dressed as wild animals and danced on all the furniture. We were dressed entirely in sequins. It was an awesome night.

PastedGraphic-1 kopia

Why did you decided to start a blog? And what will we see in your blog?
– We’ve always been pretty hesitant with blogging. We’re not huge fans of doing outfits-of-the-day, food-montages, and all the other stuff usually associated with blogs. However, loads of good stuff has always happened to us career-wise every time we’ve decided to go a step further in baring our souls online. So we thought why not. And who are we to decline all our friends, fans, and stalkers transparency into our lives. No, kidding aside, we’re thinking of it sort of like an archive for us and our friends to follow and look back on all the fun stuff we all do. Photos from gigs, parties, and trips. And of course we want to force our great taste in music on as many people possible. And take over the world. One blog post at a time.

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