Introducing The Wiktor Diet

Merely 17 year old he moved to London and soon he was running catwalks of major international fashion houses like Commes des Garçones and Yohji Yamamoto. He used to live with an old Jewish woman in Paris and his biggest sources of inspirations are weather and emotions.

From a picturesque small town in in very southernmost part of Sweden 22 year old Wiktor once again finds himself living in London working as an art director, model, stylist and blogger. Radar Magazine is proud to announce Wictor as their latest blog recruit. We asked him a few questions for you to get to know our latest member of the family.

Who is Wictor?

—  I’m a 22 year old ex:er and slasher: ex-swede, ex-model, ex-resident of most capitals in the world; model/stylist/art director/blogger — you know, just one of them creatives ones born post 1990. I used to model somewhere between the Hedi Slimane’s Dior Homme esthetics and today’s a bit healthier ideals. My home would be anywhere basically: Paris, Milan, London, New York, Tokyo etc.


You chose to call your blog The Wiktor Diet, where does the name come from?

— I came up with the name when I was living with an old Jewish woman in Paris. She refused to get a telephone and Internet was out of the question, so there were really never any other convenient way for me to communicate for free if not through a blog. Since all members of my family were, and still are, workout freaks, I thought they should add some of my blog to their diets, so to speak, hence the name.

What do you do, Wictor? 

— I like to try things, succeed with my goals and then do something different. I’ve had the opportunity to walk for two of my favourite designers, Comme des Garcons and Yohji Yamamoto, and had the pleasure to be a part of their creative universe in both Europe and Asia. I styled for Vman at the age of 19. I act, I direct, I travel – a lot of different things basically. 

The Wiktor Diet

Why did you move back to London? What will you do there?

— I hated London and still am quite ambivalent to “The Old Smoke”. I first moved here when I was 17, and as fun as it was, being a teenager without supervision in London can be rather, if not very, very intense. But after I moved back to Sweden a year ago to finish my degree, I felt that Scandinavia indeed was a bit too small, and I was getting bigger from the convenience of having my family close-food so I thought I’d give it another go, London that is. What I’m gonna do? A lot of things. Undefined things. Creative things.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

— One always sound so philosophically pretentious when talking about inspirations, but I definitely let weather, emotions and people inspire me. I don’t like to look for inspiration, or plan, for example, what I’m wearing. I stay ajour reading 3-4 international newspapers a day, flip though a couple of fashion and science magazines, walk for hours, browse through my feed on Facebook, Flipboard, Twitter, Instagram and what not. I observe, feel. Never try to save, download or remember – just feel – and trust my brain and caffein to do the job. And then when you do a shoot or pick an outfit, that transvestite hooker you talked to outside McDonald’s last weekend, or the texture of the newly asphalted road, or the neon lights from the casino down the road, might individually or as a combined mess in your head, inspire you.

Finally, what can our readers expect from your blog? 

— A lot. Oh well, you can say that my blog’s a mix of a, pardon my confidence, glossy, avant garde magazine and a cute little outfit blog, with a touch of Instagram. I never, or rarely, post something I haven’t shot myself. Well let’s say never, cause I never do. Simply put, my blog’s my brain.

Wiktor previously blogged at Carolines Mode, and have made a pit stop at Tumblr as well. He has had a huge international following from the US, Germany, South Korea, Japan and Scandinavia. Click here to follow The Wiktor Diet on Radar.