Under the Radar: Hundmänniska

Former Tiger Bell-member Lovisa Thurfjell switched punk for pop when going solo under her new alias Hundmänniska (dog person in Swedish). She released her debut album “Det är som det är” 1st of March. Radar was curious about this dog person who is about to release her first album, so we decided to pick her brain a little!

How would you describe a dog person?
– Dog persons are the kind of people who have their feelings on the outside. Direct, honest, bad poker face. Someone who can go from very happy to very sad in rather short intervals. If you ask me anyway (which you do, hehe).

If the President of Iceland could, he’s said that he would ban pineapple on pizza. What would you do if you had that kind of power?
– Say what? That’s the craziest thing! Fruit in food is the best there is! Especially banana on tacos.

– Except obvious things like introducing citizen salary, 6-hour working day, raise taxes and try to find a strategy to counter the racist winds that blow, I would… Hm … Form a good government that could hit their heads Together. Otherwise I would get hubris and start deciding strange things. But never as strange as to prohibit fruit in food.

Your latest mobile note?

Which person in the entire world would you want to be friends with?
– That’s a hard question, but I think I would have to say Queen B. Because she makes such good music, seems so sensible, is so good looking. Does she even have any flaws? I also believe that she is such a person that would be fun to sit in a sauna with and go party with, and those persons are the best.

If you would open a restaurant, what would be on the menu?
– It’s maybe a little boring, but food based on the seasons. And maybe with ingredients that I have grown myself. And tacos, because it is my favourite food.

Which emojis would describe you the best?

– These are the ones I use the most. I like using the moon and the two stars. They are a bit mysterious and magical. I also like the monkey that has its hands over its eyes, and the one that is smiling. They are very useable.

Which of the seven wonders would you say is most like your music?
– Machu Picchu, I think. It’s kind of up and down and little confusing, with stunning surroundings. There are both temples and winding paths. Had I been one of those who just wrote polished hits, it might have been the Taj Mahal .. But that is not how it is.

What is your best life-hack?
– Holy shit. I wanted to say something super clever but it just stands still… The hack I have used mostly lately is the old classic to “sleep on it”. So I will have to say that. It’s a trick that will never grow old.

Your view right now:

– A lot of tea and coffee this week.

What day of the week is your favourite?
– Sunday, if it is without anxiety. Otherwise, Saturday. On Saturdays I usually have time for both resting and exciting things! Thursday is also underestimated. It is almost the weekend, but it’s still casual.

How does one celebrate an album release?
– It should be celebrated with a release tour with band friends this weekend! In Malmö and Lund. Also with some fresh merch, and (of course) sparkling wine and friends. I will try to suck in any confirmation that (I hope) I will get, hehe. It is easy to forget to actually give yourself a pat on the shoulder, or a big hug for the things one accomplished and fought hard for. I’ll try to do it.

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