Under the Radar: Iman

Iman is only 22 years old but already an experienced producer, songwriter and singer.  Two years ago she co-wrote Zara Larssons super hit “Lush Life”, in 2015 she released her own debut single “Sugar Deluxe” , and in 2016 she collaborated with Mash Up International and released the song “Criminal”. Later this spring she’s releasing her next single, and we could not be more excited to hear it. Radar met up with this admirable woman on a very cold February afternoon to ask some very important questions and shoot some photos!

Your worst fashion mistake?
– Back when I was 12 I bought this very expensive, very red, knitted beret, haha. And I wore it all the time and matched with all kind of colours cause I thought it was cool. But at least people never had a hard time finding me.

If you could choose a superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it?
– Omg I’ve always dreamt of flying but I’d also like to be invisible. Cause if I’m invisible I can sneak into secret places where you’re not allowed and also punch bad guys without them seeing it coming!

If you would loose your ability to sing, what would you work with instead?
– I’d definitely be an actress. That was actually a dream of mine when I was younger, and I’m thinking of maybe trying it out in the future too. Otherwise I’d work with designing clothes.

What do you do when no-one is watching?
– Watch Sex and the City by myself for the 100th time, and saying all the lines out loud cause that annoys the crap out of people. 

Do you have any obsessions?
– Well besides SATC my new addiction is ordering shoes online cause there’s so many pretty ones that I just gotta have.

If you could change lives with anyone, who would you choose?
– A good looking, white man. I would like to experience the privileges of a man and how you’re being approached by others on a daily basis. Also I wanna see how it feels to be tall so it’d  have to be a tall guy.

The best TV-series of all times?
– Don’t think this will come as a surprise but SATC :)) I’m also hooked on Westworld and love GIRLS.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

– Check my phone and go on Instagram.

Your favourite youtube video right now?
– I’m very into Friends-bloopers at the moment.

Which cartoon character are you most alike?
– People say I look like Lillemor (don’t know the English name) in Arthur. But personality wise I’m a mixture between Bamse’s three kids.

The weirdest compliment you hade ever gotten?
– Haha, one time a girl told me she loved my voice and that it sounded just like Doris in Doris & Gösta. Not a compliment according to me.

What do you spend most money on?
– Eating out, and skin products for sure.

Your latest lie?
– I have no idea! (Lie)

Check out Iman on Facebook and stay tuned for her next release!