Under the Radar: Ness

Stockholm-based songwriter and artist Ness is back with a new single. Last year she took us by storm when releasing her debut single ”Bättre än nu”, and today she’s back with the new track ”Serej”. Radar had to have a chat with this up & coming star!

What is your new single about? Where did you get inspiration for it?
– My new single is about a brother/sister, and I’m inspired by my own relationship with my brothers. The rapper Robin Nazari who is featured on the track has a similar situation like me, but with his sister. We were talking about it, and then we wrote the song together.

– The song is a way of trying to pay attention to what’s going on in our neighbourhoods, and especially with our brothers. I’m raised in the Stockholm suburb called Skärholmen and lived there until I was 19 years old. I saw that women were raised to be these go-getter super-humans (which is absolutely not how most people see us suburban girls), while our brothers fall out and become these people who feel like they have nothing to offer the society. So I’m basically telling my brothers: please don’t be a victim to society. You know, most of us grow up hating the system and the society, because they would never let us in. And I just want to tell them to not let them bring you down, in a loving way.

Do you have a favourite place for writing? Where do you write your songs?
– The place doesn’t matter, anything goes. I find inspiration in my surroundings, in myself, in conversations etc. I just need to be relaxed and comfortable, and if there’s people around they need to be chill and not stressful. I can’t deal with stress. I think the most important thing in the creative process is to be YOURSELF, like you have to be in a environment where you feel comfortable enough to be you. Whether you want to be stupid, smart, annoying, sexy, a gangster, etc. Or whatever you feel like.

What do you want to have done in three years? Do you have any long term-goals or do you prefer to take the day as it comes?
– The future will tell, but by then I will have come a long way. I do have long term goals, but I’m still more of a take-the-day-as-it-comes kind of person.

What producers do you work with, and why them? Do you have any dream collaborations on your list?
– I think I have the dream collaboration right now. I make music with one of my best friends, whom I’ve known for like ten years. That is a dream to me.

Speaking of lists, what’s on your bucket list?
– Bucket list hmm… I never thought about that. Can you add that I want to have a family? Children and all, eh hehe. I don’t know, maybe to visit Eritrea with my mum. I’ve been there before but never with her. I would like to explore my roots more and see where she grew up and stuff. Maybe I’m boring, like you’re supposed to say “I want to skydive”. Maybe I want to, but it’s not like I’ll cry about it if I don’t.

What are your favourite songs and/or artists right now?
– At the moment I’m obsessing over Kendrick Lamar. I always thought he was good, but no, he is amazing!

What are your plans for 2017?
– My plan is to make honest music and to tell real stories that hopefully will touch someone.

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Photos by Beata Cervin