Under the Radar: Jesper Dahl

With a BBA in Design Management from Parsons New York and a passion for art, music, and fashion, Jesper Dahl is currently a part of  Fashion Networks Europe, a leading online platform for fashion and partners to Radar Magazine. We decided to put him under the radar.

Would like to meet… 
– I think I would like to get a chance to hang out with the original Bauhaus attendees. But if you want a less pretentious yet more plausible answer, or if the person has to be alive today I would have to say Rick Owens. He comes across as a very genuine and devoted person.

Most memorable night out… 
– My most memorable nights out were when I just moved to Paris a few years ago. Everything was so fresh, new, and exciting to me, I mean I was twenty… I got to meet so many inspiring people who I still look up to today!

Guilty pleasure… 
– Pizza. My boyfriend and I ordered three large pizzas between us the other night. That and terribly lowbrow TV. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is religion to me.

– I also love superhero movies. Everything Marvel.

Wouldn’t recommend… 
– This list could go on forever. There are so many things I wouldn’t recommend. Life is short and why would I ever repeat a bad decision?

– I really, really wouldn’t recommend the hamburger place Käk in Hornstull, it’s my most recent disappointment. I mean, when a place as excellent as Tjoget is next doors why would you even bother?

Before I die… 
– I want to make sure that I’ve helped as many of my friends as possible achieve their dreams and goals. And I really want to have an epic art collection. It doesn’t have to be an expensive one, I just want it to mean something, and tell a story to whoever tries to analyze it.

Hidden talent… 
– I’m a very talented “ugly dancer”. There are limbs everywhere, and it is always accompanied with a super terrifying smile.

Karin Park.

Just discovered… 
– I just rediscovered Karin Park. Her album Highwire Poetry is amazing. Everyone discovered Mapei right? Don’t Wait is such a magnificent track. I consume insane amounts of music. I try to always stay on top of my friend Kid Pretentious‘ mixtapes as well!

Dances to… 
– The 2 Bears, Classixx, Javelin, Tanlines, Disclosure, and Small Black.

Laughs at… 
– I like political comedy and satire, yet no one will ever be better than Bill Hicks and Mitch Hedberg.

What I’m wearing… 
– Today I am wearing a kaftan by Weekday, a t-shirt from OAKCheap Monday jeans, Doc Martens For Life boots, a Silent by Damir Doma scarf, a Deadwood Leather jacket, and rocking my Killspencer backpack! All black everything, always.

Most visited website… 
– I actually checked via Firefox and the list goes a little like this (if you remove news and social media):

Dagens Media

Most viewed You Tube video…
… are these:

and various puppy videos. A lot of puppy videos.

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Photo of Jesper by Susanna Dahl.