Under the Radar: Anton Kristiansson

The bad boy who’s too good.

Anton Kristiansson is and will always be your boy. He’s the bad boy of your teenage dreams. He’s the red horns that crown your bedroom JTT poster. He’s in your Trent Lane, doing 200 km/h. Cute? Uh…yeah. Acutely self-conscious? Duh. “But wait!” you might be thinking, “Does he even give a fuck?”


Anton’s aesthetic is indescribable, but that won’t stop me from trying. Take sugarcoated synths—sprinkled atop pitched-up vocals—with the jelly filling of his unique GBG humor, and there it is. Laying on a car during a cycling race? Why not. Rapping over 80s GBG emo-heroes? Even better. Anton has an answer for everything…and it’s always right.

We caught up with the bad boy to talk about his latest single, “girl$”and, uh, cats.

My view right now:

FullSizeRender (1)

This is my neighbour’s cat. She sneaks into our house, and lies in my bed when we leave the door open. I don’t know her name, but I call her Katniss like the girl from Hunger Games.

Most memorable night out:

This life 4ever.

Most recent camera photo from your phone:


Most recent post in Notes:
en pärla varje färg
blank himmel vattenfärg
Heathrow en onsdagkväll
du säger aldrig nej
två steg slungas ut
en början hundra slut
blyertshus suddas ut
hög frekvens ultraljud
inga minnen kvar
allting här är vitt brus
handen långt innanför
jackan som en ficktjuv
andra handen på mitt hjärta
som jag lovar något
vita lakan
som jag aldrig nånsin sårat någon

In my head at the moment:
A cute girl I saw in Stockholm.
And a cute girl I saw in Tokyo.
And a cute girl I saw on Facebook.

Song I’m obsessed with at the moment:
Paul Paljett – Guenerina


Most addicting YouTube clip: