Under the Radar: Cajsa Wessberg

Cajsa Wessberg is a modern superwoman. She is an artist, illustrator, model, instagram superstar, and animal lover. Right now she stars in H&Ms latest comercial”She´s a lady“, she has made a film for the Museum of Modern Art together with Frida-My Sundqvist and just won gold in the competition “Kolla” for her illustrations “Köttdjur”. I am so impressed by this woman that I felt that I just had to meet her!

Which cartoon character are you most alike?
– Grandma in “Bamse”

What does your perfect pizza look like?
– Just a lot of vegetables such as grilled eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini and garlic. No cheese, but olive oil and sea salt on the top.


What do you do when no one is watching?
– Pick hair from my legs.

If you got to choose America’s next president who would you choose?
– Oh, I don´t know. Dumbledore?


At the movie theater, which arm rest is yours?
– The one that is the closest to my company. I’m always thirsting for closeness.

Which day has been your best so far this year?
– The super-hot summer day when I ate breakfast on the roof with my friends and then went for a boat trip. We ate and drank on the boat, and then we went jet skiing! A few ducks came onboard the boat and sat in my lap – it was magical!

If you got a ticket to travel anywhere, where would you go?
– Somewhere with a white sandy beach, bungalows and perfect avocados.


Your best selfie angle?
– The face twisted a tiny bit to the right, shot from above. Foolproof.

What can you not live without?
– Food for more than two hours. Because then I cry.

If you had a super power, what would it be?
–Being able to teleport myself and other stuff would be very handy!