Under the Radar: Shitkid

When you hear “Shitkid”, an image of an annoying kid probably apperars in front of your eyes. But in the near future, that image might be changed to another Shitkid; 24 year old, ex-Radar-fam, music artist Åsa Söderqvist. In April she realesed her first EP which consisted of songs like “Oh Please Be A Cocky Cool Kid” and ”666”

If you had to describe yourself using three emojis which ones would that be?


What was your latest google search?
– Something boring, probably myself.

What do you spend most money on?
– Right now beer…But that’s because it´s kind of expensive, especially in Stockholm


If you were to join a circus, what role would you have?
– Circus princess! I have wanted that since I was a kid.

If you had to change your name?
– Hm, that’s hard, I have started to like my name since people have such trouble pronouncing it. In Asia, everyone thought I said Asia. And in London they sometimes think I say “Wazzzap”. That would be kind of cool though.


Your weirdest note in your phone?
– ”nice stuff in my huff (multiple times)


/Alice banana”

The best pickup line you have ever received?
– Its always me who tries to pick up people :(((


Your first internet nick?
– osis_92. I wanted to have Åsis_92 (lol) but you couldn’t use åäö on Lunarstorm.

If you had to star in a reality show which one would you choose?


The weirdest place you have slept?
– During my graduation night I took a shortcut through the school yard on my way home. It was like 500 meters left to my house, but I fell asleep there and woke up the morning after without remembering how I ended up there.

This Thursday both ShitKid and previously featured artist Namasenda will be performing live at Red Bull Sound Select in Stockholm. It’s an artist development program that delivers the best in new music. This time it will take place at Debaser Hornstull, Stockholm and it’s only 50 sek for a ticket. Read more about it on Facebook!