Under the Radar: Slowgold

Behind the artist Slowgold there is a girl called Amanda Wernes. Her poetic lyrics together with her velvet voice and powerful harmonica is deeply touching and creates music that is undecided by time. A dreamy, yet almost tortured, sound you easily get attached to. Tonight she will be the opening act for Hurula at Vasateatern in Stockholm and Radar had a little chat with her.


Tell us a little about yourself

– I’m a singer from Gothenburg. I also play the guitar and the harmonica. I’ve written and recorded 4 albums and 2 EP’s under the name of Slowgold.
Where does Slowgold come from, what does it mean?
– It’s a name my best friend and I came up with as we listened to Quicksilver Messenger Service. I’ve written music for many years, and I started playing under the name Slowgold in 2011.

Tonight you will be the opening act for Hurula, what is your connection to him?
– I’m acquainted to his guitarist Jonas Teglund, and have listened to his music with pleasure. I saw them play at Way Out West this summer and I was blown away. I’m really looking forward to this evening.

What do you do when no one is watching?
– I read comics, play tv-games and drink tea!


If you had a super power, what would it be?
– The power to overcome anxiety!

What do you spend most money on?
– Right now — playing pool.

If you had to pick something from your wardrobe and wear everyday, what would it be?
– My black jeans and a golden top…

What’s your first internet memory?
– It’s connected to my first memory of a color computer with some early version of Windows on it. I opened Internet Explorer and created my first e-mail account. I remember the excitement of receiving an e-mail!

Your most recent lie?
– I wouldn’t say I ALWAYS tell the truth, but I really can’t remember!

If you had to make music without any instruments, what would you use instead?
– My voice

Slowgold’s most recent video, “Karusellen”

Photo cred: Jenniann Johannesson