Yoyo Nasty: “I just do what I like”

In the world of Internet, one can find a lot of uncrowned kings and queens within even more different areas. One of them is Yoyo Nasty, the yet uncrowned queen of unique colour combinations and print design. We invited ourselves to the home of this creative mastermind to see the world of Yoyo Nasty with our own eyes.

When someone asks you what you do for a living, what do you say?
–I am a print designer and illustrator. Right now Im preparing illustrations for Finders Keepers Design Market at Färgfabriken 1-2 of April.

I have just finished a job for Deadwood. It feels incredibly exciting because they work with sustainability in an interesting way.

What is fashion for you?
–To challenge! Although sometimes it feels like it’s about to bore and consume.

Why do you think your style look the way it does?
–I just do what I like. Although I feel corny times, I try to embrace my own aesthetics and to be honest. It feels like the only way to bring something as a designer.

How would you explain your style to someone who has not seen anything you have done?
–My style is all about cute, sexy, punky, naivety, color, dirty fancy.

Do you think differently when you illustrate something that should be on clothes respective for print?
–Everything I do is under some kind of Yoyo Nasty umbrella no matter what it is. I see no reason to limit it to a particular art or fashion context. It is more about identity and create my own world.

What is most important for you in what you create?
–That it gives some kind of happy energy.

Do you have any dream person you would like to make clothes for?
–It would be fun to create for artist Yung Lean.

What inspires you?
–All artists around me! They give so much energy.

If you got to dream freely, how would your life look like in 10 years?
–Drinking cava in my jacuzzi in L.A. with President Michelle Obama and Vivienne Westwood, and we discuss how to save the world.

See more from Yoyo Nasty at her Instagram here.