Radar Recommends w. 11

The DIY weapons of Ukraine, Lil Ocean’s debut EP, and a new song by Sum Comfort and Ji Nilsson in this week’s Radar Recommends. 

Sum Comfort – Watch Your Step feat. Ji Nilsson
Ji Nilsson seems to have a finger in every great song that comes out of the Swedish pop scene. This time she teamed up with Swedish producer duo Sum Comfort for their new song Watch Your Step, the first track to be released from their upcoming Flying Kites album, due out next month. Listen below.

Thaiboy Digital – Tiger
Thaiboy Digital of Stockholm hip hop crew Gravity Boys has dropped the first song from his upcoming debut mixtape. Titled ส, meaning tiger in Thai, the mixtape will feature both older, unreleased tracks, and some brand new ones, most of them produced by fellow young talent Whitearmor. Listen to the first single, also titled Tiger, below.

Lil Ocean – Out of Context EP
His beats have been heard behind voices such as Andreas Todini’s and ISSUE’s.  This week, young Swedish producer Lil Ocean unveiled his first solo project, the rather experimental Out of Context EP. 

– I just wanted to have fun with this project. That’s the reason why it isn’t any full separate tracks, just playful and vibrant sounds. It starts out quite conventional and gets more weird as time goes, the young producer said about the EP in an interview with AKA Sthlm.

Listen to the EP below and read the whole interview over at AKA Sthlm.

The DIY weapons of Ukraine
British photographer Tom Jamieson spent two weeks out in Ukraine taking pictures of the revolution. He came back with a stunning array of photos that represent the DIY nature of the rebel cause, presented this week via Dazed Digital.

– These weapons are inadequate against guns, but there’s a beauty to that. They’re pieces of art that symbolise and represent their anger rather than being tools that will win the war, the photographer said about the motives of his series.

Read more about and watch the series here.


Lilla Namo – Ny Bil
Swedish rapper Lilla Namo is back. Following bangers such as Haffa Guzz and Höj Volymen, Ny Bil presents a darker side of the young rapper, with deep beats and confident lyrics. Watch the video, directed by Saga Berlin, below.