Radar Recommends w. 27

Bill Cunningham New York
The documentary Bill Cunningham New York paints a personal portrait of one of the most distinctive street photographers in our time. Throughout his life, Bill Cunningham has documented the most fascinating people and the most fashionable trends in New York. At the age of 84 he is still on the go, walking or biking around the city with his camera. The photographs are exclusively published in New York Times. In the documentary Bill Cunningham New York, the editor in chief at Vogue Anna Wintour, the writer Tom Wolfe, and the billionaire David Rockefeller all tell their own stories of the photographer. See the documentary at SVT Play here. But hurry up, it is only available until tomorrow.

[embed width=”720″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4o7HI7K6Yk[/embed]

Faråker – Ellinor
Under the name of Faråker, the singer songwriter Olle Blomström creates simple, yet magnificent pop. With his third single Ellinor  released this week and a debut album underway, Faråker is said to be the next Ted Gärdestad. ”I don’t really remember how Ellinor came about, Faråker says about his latest release. “But when it had been recorded it felt like it had existed forever. For me, the song is about keeping the love alive, even though the world tells you it won’t work – to bury your anxiety and ignore what everybody else thinks. Ellinor is a love song with the summer as it’s stage.” See the music video and hear the song above.

[embed width=”720″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OePvsCfKHJg[/embed]

Phoenix – Trying To Be Cool
As if shooting a music video for a world-famous band isn’t nerve-racking enough, director collective CANADA really raised their level of ambition for Phoenix’s Trying To Be Cool. Teaming up with The Creators Project, they decided to shoot the video entirely live, and to alternate the shots between to separate film crews. Every 25 second. The result was four minutes of vivid, visual pleasure that was released this week. See it above.


Cyril Hahn & Shy Girls – Perfect Form
The Swiss producer Cyril Hahn made himself  a name with his now notorious remixes of songs like Destiny’s Child’s Say My Name and Solange’s Losing You. In the end of June he finally gave us a glimpse of his own material with the song Perfect Form featuring the American, sultry R&B project Shy Girls. The song is just as evasive and seductive that you could have expected from the guy who made songs by Destiny’s Child and Mariah Carey into ethereal R&B experiments. Read an interview with Cyril Hahn here and listen to his new song above.


Loreen & V Ave Shoe Repair
When Swedish singer Loreen was to perform at Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö earlier this year she teamed up with V Ave Shoe Repair to create a geometrical and symbolic pattern for her eight meters long kimono. The pattern shows different asymmetrical and geometrical symbols and forms, together with lines from Loreen’s songs, and has now been resurrected through a limited edition of scarfs. You can find the scarf in V Ave Shoe Repair’s webshop.