Radar Recommends w. 28

Yung Lean – Unknown Death 2002
Sweden’s latest hip hop hype goes by the name of Yung Lean. Together with his Sad Boys Crew he has made himself known for making dark, dreamy, and hugely sarcastic hip hop, somewhere in the borderland between the school yard and outer space. Behind Yung Lean you find the sixteen-year old Jonathan Leandoer Håstad, who’s mixtape Unknown Death 2002 truly convinced us that he is much more than just an internet phenomenon. Listen to it here.

Oskar Linnros – Från Balkongen x Get Free
This week we got an mysterious email with a link to a mashup between Oskar Linnros’ song Från Balkongen and Major Lazer and Amber of Dirty Projectors hit Get Free. We’re still not sure who sent it to us, but we just want to give them a shout out for this surprisingly successful mashup. It’s better than we ever could have expected.

[embed width=”720″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72j6ngf3xXg&feature=youtu.be[/embed]

The Sound of Silver
What if silver had a sound? What if bracelets, rings, and necklaces could be played like instruments? In the video The Sound of Silver, pieces of jewellery find musical expression when touched by streaks of light. Out of obscurity, beams of laser strikes the pieces of jewellery on metallic turntable, then moves over it, caressing its volume, and coaxes from it its own particular voice. Joined together, the diverse notes become an experimental symphony of chanting and enchanting sounds. Behind the video stands the fashion house Hermès, who teamed up with United Visual Artist and British Design Practice to create the sound of designer Pierre Hardy’s Chaîne d’ancre collectionDirector is Caswell Coggins and the music is made by YoggyOne. Watch the  video above.


Great Art in Ugly Rooms
There is something truly intriguing with the right things in the wrong places. The tumblr Great Art in Ugly Rooms does just that, place the right things in the wrong environments. Great pieces of art in ugly rooms. See it here.

[embed width=”720″ height=”540″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqhrJR0w70U[/embed]

Nina Kraviz – Fire
Nina Kraviz is currently the name on everyone’s lips in the electronic music scene. The Siberian DJ, producer, singer, and musician has quickly made herself a name with her hypnotic and sensuous mix of house, techno, and ethereal soundscapes. Last year she released her self-titled debut album, a collection of deep and stripped back, but emotionally resonant tracks. This week we got to see the music video for the album’s final track Fire, directed by New York based photographer Yulia Skya. With her directorial debut, Yuliya took no shortcuts, heading to the desolate and ominous Death Valley, Mojave desert, to unearth not just a music video, but a piece of art. “There exists a unique relationship, one between a finite being and the infinite. The project explores this in the Mojave desert, with Mars in mind”, Yulia says about the video. Watch it above.