Radar Recommends w. 31

Jay Z – Picasso Baby
This week saw the release of Jay Z’s highly anticipated video for Picasso Baby, features on his latest album Magna Carta… Holy Grail. The video was shot during an intimate show at Pace Gallery in New York where Jay Z performed the song six straight hours, while artists and fans both watched and joined him. Amongst the spectators were artist Marina Abramovic, director Jim Jarmusch, fellow hip hop artist Wale, and writer and director Judd Apatow, as well as whole bunch of artists, actors, musicians, students, and kids.

– Concerts are pretty much performance art, but the venues change, Jay Z says in the video. Just by nature the performances change. You’re in a smaller venue, it’s a bit more intimate, so you get to feel the energy of the people.

Watch the video below.

Way Out West Podcast
Last weekend, music festival Way Out West extended their family with yet another medium, the Way Out West podcast. In six episodes the Way Out West podcast will give us interviews with participating musicians and artists, insights from the upcoming festival, and of course some music. Each day of the festival there will be a new episode of the podcast released, with live interviews and common festival feeling. The second episode gives us interviews with José Gonzalez from Junip, Vaz, and the director Jacob Frössén. Listen to it here.


Dazed’s Deconstructed Fall Campaigns
The fashion editors at Dazed & Confused decided to re-interpret and uncover the hidden references behind some of the newly released autumn campaigns through a series of GIFs. Campaigns from brands such as Raf Simons, Prada and Miu Miu are stripped down to strikingly spot-on animations. Lanvin’s dramatic and ladylike shoots are paired with Cindy Sherman’s self portraits, and Prada’s seductive photos of wet-haired girls are compared to paintings by Francis Bacon. Above is Proenza Schouler’s campaign paired with  Collier Schorr’s Blumen series and Leila Jefferys’ portaits of Wild Cockatoos. See more of the deconstructed campaigns here.

FKA twigs – Water Me
British singer FKA twigs’ music is a unique blend of minimalistic techno, ethereal pop, and dreamy R&B. Water Me is the first take from her second EP, fittingly titled EP2, set to be released in the beginning of September. Written and produced together with Kanye West collaborator Arca, Water Me is soulfully minimalistic and sensual song that hits you right in the heart. Watch the spellbinding video by Jessa Kanda below.

What The F*shion?
VFILES’ Casey Jane Ellison is back with the brand new series, What The F*shion? In the series she’s tackling the complex world of fashion, beauty, and culinary trends with wonderful sarcasm and witty humour. In the first episode she teaches the viewers how to transform oneself from a mean and sad New York Art School girl into a nice, cute, flirty, and environmental friendly Los Angeles chick. Watch the episode above and keep an eye out at VFILES’ YouTube channel for the upcoming episodes.