Radar Recommends w. 33

Marlene – Bon Voyage
When the Swedish songbird Marlene entered the stage at Radar Magazine’s and Weekday’s celebration of Grolsch Block Party this weekend it turned out to be a breathtaking show. With her strong, yet sensitive voice and distinctive stage persona she had everyone’s undivided attention every second of the show. Marlene released her debut single Bon Voyage earlier this summer, a song that the singer herself has described as heavy beats mixed with the sounds of a sunset. We hope that no one has missed the song’s stunning visual accompaniment, but if that’s the case we would really recommend you to have a look at it here.


The Polaroids of Dave
The secretive Paris spot Dave is not so much a restaurant as a sort of nightly retreat for international photo, cinema and fashion specialists, all caught by the owner Dave’s polaroid camera. Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Kate Moss, Mick Jagger, Mario Testino, David Bowie, confidants and critics, he saw them all, knew them all, took pictures of them all. Web magazine Le Journal De La Photographie has collected the photos of his journal and sorted them into a four part series. See them here.

Tropical GIF
Want to experience some contemporary art without leaving your desktop? This week web-based Domain Gallery opened their exhibition Tropical GIF, a summer collective exhibition celebrating the Graphic Interchange Format with works by nineteen artists. With parrots, palm trees, dolphins and sand dunes, the exhibition is perfect for those drowsy summer days when a visit to the museums seems like a mission impossible. Tropical GIF will be on view until September 15th and you’ll find it here.


Mix ‘n’ match with Figr
Ever played mix ‘n’ match games as a child? The iPhone application Figr has borrowed the game’s simple concept and dressed it in a more fashionable costume. The app lets you mix ‘n’ match fashion from the runway and street-style blogs to create exciting looks according to your own sense of style. Or just put together something completely mad. See some the Radar team’s own masterpieces above and download Figr here.

Erlend Øye – La Prima Estate
The latest track from Norwegian pop musician Erlend Øye is a nostalgic disco tune with sparkling Italian lyrics and mandolin riffs. La Prima Estate is a perfect tune for the last days of summer, especially when heard together with the amiable and summery video, set in sun-drenched Mediterranean surroundings. Watch it above.