Radar Recommends w. 39

Rick Owens SS14
Vibrant with life and movement, Rick Owens’ SS14 show might well have been the most startling thing the international fashion weeks will see this year. Renouncing everything about the traditional fashion show, Rick Owens presented his collection through a stepping performance. Evolved in African-American colleges, stepping is a hybrid of step dancing, cheerleading, and military drill. Produced in collaboration with two choreographers and a team of forty dancers, the performance was spectacularly synchronized surprisingly refreshing. The clothing was a sophisticated and sharp take on extreme sportswear, were the exquisite draping and structured shapes were enhanced by the explosive and synchronized movements of the dancers. Truly astounding, the show was an injection of energy to the fashion world in general, and Paris Fashion Week in particular. Watch a video from the show here and hear some of Rick Owens’ own thoughts on the performance here.


Haim – Days Are Gone
American indie pop band Haim are more than worth their hype. After treating us to gems such as Falling, Don’t Save Me, and The Wire, the three Haim sisters drops their much longed-for debut Days Are Gone today. With their eclectic mix of harmonies and rhytms, Haim presents a fresh, personal sound that goes well beyond all the classic rock and pop references the stamped with. Listen to Days Are Gone here.

Samsaya – Stereotype
With her distinctive and relentlessly catchy new single Sterotype, Indian-Norwegian singer Samsaya urges us to be open-minded and discard stereotypes.

– I do not limit myself to a genre or a certain way of being. I’m less concerned with defining and more concerned with capturing the different moments of life. Our unique names color our community and strengthen our ability to cope with generalization. Stereotype, is about being open-minded, the singer says on the track.

Stereotype, out on September 20, is the first take from Samsaya’s upcoming album Bombay Calling, set to be released in February 2014. Watch the video, filmed in Goa, below.


Waldersten Online Gallery
With his inimitable ingenious style and sharp satiric humour, Jesper Waldersten has made himself known as one of Sweden’s most interesting and distinctive visual artists. Initially known for his witty illustrations, he is now working with a wide range of media, from drawings and paintings to prints and photography, creating images that are both evasive and thoughtful. In Waldersten Online Gallery, the artist have gathered a variety of paintings, drawings, and prints, allowing the visitor to explore his peculiar universe. Check it out here.

Jay-Jay Johanson – Dry Bones
This week we met with lovely Swedish singer Jay-Jay Johanson to talk about his new album Cockroach, his relationship to art, and life in general. While waiting for the interview to come up, we suggest that you take a listen to Dry Bones, an slightly odd, but absolutely wonderful barber shop tune. Listen to it below.