Radar Recommends w. 43

This week Radar Recommends a stunning new video from British quartet Glass Animals, a live session with For BDK, and an eccentric new pop duo.

Glass Animals – Psylla
British quartet Glass Animal’s haunting single Psylla has been accompanied by a stunningly beautiful, yet slightly unsettling new video. Directed by Rafael Bonilla Jr., the video shows flowers and vines weaving out of the bloodied band members lying on the ground. The band is currently working with their debut album together with renowned British producer Paul Epworth, set to be released early next year on Epworth’s new label Wolf Tone.. Watch the video below and read more about it over at Nowness.

Talk Like Tigers – Forbidden Fruit
Initially touring the world as backing singers for Duffy, British twin sisters Charlotte and Stephanie Walker are now making exciting and eccentric pop music under the name of Talk Like Tiger. Inspired by the likes of Oh Land and Chvrches, their latest song Forbidden Fruit features soulful, yet poppy vocals laid over wonderfully quirky beats. Listen to it below.

Greetings From – For BDK
A few weeks ago, we recommended Swedish online music magazine Festivalrykten’s brand new session series Greetings From. In the latest episode they’ve met with Marcus Borrman and Adele Kosman from emerging drugbeat duo For BDK, who performs a magic version of their dark and sensual song Pale Skin. Watch it below.

Jonathan Johansson & Johan Eckeborn – Ett språk för dom dömda
Originating from the soundtrack to last year’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula at Uppsala Stadsteater, Jonathan Johansson and Johan Eckeborn’s album Ett språk för dom dömda is a string of beautiful, enthralling songs, immersed in dark and dramatic soundscapes and poetic lyrics. Listen to the album here, and don’t miss the interview we did with Jonathan Johansson on the album.