Radar Recommends w. 48

This week Radar recommends a futuristic big fish story, new songs from CEO and Marlene, and James Blake’s take on a Destiny’s Child classic.

CEO – Whorehouse
“… like hopping between neon glowing islands on a quad bike while being attacked by whirlwinds of shurikens too sharp to even hurt you mixed with flying kisses from fairy cheerleaders and all of sudden you hear the sound of laser you know and everything is white for like two seconds with a black and purple strobe in it”.

This week, former The Tough Alliance member and Sincerely Yours boss Eric Berglund’s announced his second album under the moniker of CEO with a highly intriguing message. Following the stunning 2010 debut White Magic, his new album WONDERLAND will be out on February 3. Hear the first single from the album, Whorehouse, below.

Factory Fifteen: Futureworlds #2. Jonah
Following the launch of Dazed Digital’s brand new video platform Visionaries, the magazine presents a series of short films in collaboration with radical animation-architecture studio Factory Fifteen, all depicting various futureworlds. In the Sundance-award winning film Jonah, we follow Mbwana and his best friend Juma as they hunt fantasy fish off the coast of Africa. Directed by Kibwe Tavares and written by Jack Thorne, the film brings a new and visually stunning take on a classic big fish story. Watch below.

Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills (Harmonix Remix)
A while back, James Blake treated us to his trappy remix of Drake’s Come Thru, made under his Harmonix moniker. This week he finally unleashed his brilliantly glitchy version of Destiny’s Child’s 1998 hit single Bills, Bills, Bills. Initially released as a limited-edition vinyl in 2010, the British musician has now uploaded the thing to his 1-800-Dinosaur SoundCloud account. Listen to it below.

James Franco & Seth Rogen – Bound 3
While on set of their new movie The Interview, James Franco and Seth Rogen felt inspired to mimic their favourite new music video. Casting James Franco as Kanye West and Seth Rogen as Kim Kardashian, the duo recreated West’s Bound 2 video shot for shot, including kitschy landscape imagery, naked chests, and unbuttoned shirts. Watch the video, wittily called Bound 3, below.

Marlene – Bon Voyage Remixes
This week, Swedish songbird Marlene unveiled an bunch of remixes of her mighty summer hit Bon Voyage, made by 1987, Thomas Eriksen, Niklas Bergwall, and Rambo Hollywood. Listen below.