Radar Recommends w. 49

New music by Nicolas Makelberge and Wildarms, a Saturday, Monday mixtape, and Lana Del Rey’s tale of redemption take place among this week’s recommendations. 

Lana Del Rey – Tropico
Written by Lana Del Rey and directed by Anthony Mandler, Tropico is a tale of redemption told to the music of Lana Del Rey’s magic Born To Die debut album. Starring model Shaun Ross and Lana Del Rey herself, the video is dreamy dive into her chameleon soul. Watch the video below, check out some behind the scenes shot on Dazed Digital, and read what New York-based producer Duncan Cooper had to say about it on The Fader. And talking about Duncan Cooper…

Wildarms – U Don’t Understand
… he just released a new single under the moniker of Wildarms. Taken from Duncan Cooper’s upcoming EP Just For Love, the single U Don’t Understrand is a shimmery dream pop collage, driven by delicate sampling and surrounded by twilight vocals. Following his beautiful debut EP Clear Eyes from earlier this year, Just For Love will be out on December 17 on New York label Cascine.

Abuela – Sapa
The first sample of Abuela, the collaborative project from Evan ‘E. Vax’ Mast and Agustin White, Sapa was written and recorded in southern Peru, where the duo also shot the accompanying music video. Inspired by their surroundings, the song combines traditional instruments such as flutes, charangos and percussion with electronic sampling and cutting-edge audio software. Abuela’s debut single True Colors will be out on February 4, and a full length album is said to follow.

Saturday, Monday – Children of the Snow
Together with singer Julia Spada, Swedish producer Saturday, Monday gave us one of this years best songs with the magic track The Ocean. This week Ludvig Parment unveiled a forty minutes mixtape featuring his own re-imaginings of fellow Swedes Little Dragon, Elliphant, Marlene and more.

– As for the remix subjects, many are people that I know personally, at least to some degree, and I feel that even though many of them make music that is very different from mine we all share some sort of spirit. As such it makes sense to me to connect these contemporary young Swedish acts as they tell a story about the actual Swedish music scene as it stands today, the producer said in a comment to the mixtape’s premiere over at The Line of Best Fit

Listen to the mixtape below.

Nicolas Makelberge – Born From The Sun
Released on the ever so reliable music label Emotion, Swedish producer Nicolas Makelberge’s brand new EP Born From the Sun is described as an odyssey over landscapes, borders, water and cultures. We couldn’t agree more. Listen below.