Radar Recommends w. 6

This week, we recommend the debut EP of New Zealand newcomers Yumi Zouma, a new collaboration between Swedish techno supremos Johanna Knutsson and Hans Berg, and Stockholm singer Julia Spada’s highly anticipated debut solo effort.  

Yumi Zouma – Yumi Zouma EP
Ever since New Zealand band Yumi Zouma unveiled their excellent debut single The Brae earlier in January, the trio has taken the blogosphere by storm with their effortlessly breezy pop. Released on New York label Cascine next week, their self-titled debut EP is a slice of timeless, sun-kissed dream pop. Stream it below.

Johanna Knutsson and Hans Berg – Vintergatan EP
Swedish techno supremos Johanna Knutsson and Hans Berg are back with their third collaboration, a two-track EP released on Berlin label Crime City Disco. Titled Vintergatan, it’s a fifteen minutes long techno trip through nature and space. Though it won’t be out until next week, Swedish music blog PSL has made sure to give us a preview. Listen here.


This Is Head – Staring Lenses
Currently touring the States, Malmö four-piece This Is Head just dropped a spacey video for their track Staring Lenses. Made by guitarist Henric Claesson and his Studio Pop colleague Kalle Magnusson, the video features the four band members wrapped up in plastic, sporting fly eyes glasses. Watch it below.

Julia Spada – Reptile Mission
Ever since we first heard Julia Spada’s forceful vocals on Saturday, Monday’s excellent The Ocean EP, we’ve been eager to hear more. This week, the Stockholm singer finally unveiled her debut solo effort. Co-produced with Peter Jarrett, Reptile Mission combines Julia Spada’s singular voice with a backdrop of hovering synths and heavy, rhythmic beats.

– I wrote Reptile Mission as a message from the new world to the old world. It deals with that grey zone where subtle suppression leads to oppression, the singer said about her new song.

Listen below.

Annie – Russian Kiss
An interdisciplinary collaboration with New York based visual artist Bjarne Melgaard and director Richard Kern, Norwegian pop singer Annie’s new song Russian Kiss takes aim at Vladimir Putin’s regime and its anti-gay laws. As a group of young men and women dance, strip off, and make out in the video, Annie encourages us to “shake a fist for the Russian kiss” over a backdrop of slick electropop beats and orgasmic male groans. Watch it below.