Radar Recommends w. 7

This week, we recommend new music by Iberia and Silvana Imam, MØ’s new take on Spice Girls, and a joint effort by Neneh Cherry and Robyn. 

Iberia – Glide
This week, Gothenburg duo Iberia returned with a new offering from their forthcoming  debut self-titled full length, released on Hybris next month. Combining undecipherable, pitched down vocals with hypnotic soundscapes and bass-heavy triphop beats, their new single Glide is both darker and heavier than the duo’s earlier releases, the dreamlike, ethereal A FinaleEveryday, and An Ending (Ascent). Watch the accompanying, visually stunning video, directed by Rasmus Emanuel Svensson, below.

Neneh Cherry feat. Robyn – Out Of The Black
Produced by Four Tet and with vocals by Sweden’s Robyn, Neneh Cherry’s new song Out Of The Black lives up to every expectation that come with such a dream collaboration.

– The obvious thing would be for Robyn and I to do a jumping-up-and-down-type song or something a bit more cheeky, but it’s quite melancholy, Neneh Cherry says about the new release, taken from her forthcoming new album Blank Project. 

Stream Out Of The Black below, and don’t miss the epic Black Friday remix, made by Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard.

Silvana Imam feat. Adam Tensta and Julia Spada – Jag Är En Fakkin Gee
The first take from Stockholm rapper Silvana Imam’s forthcoming EP, Jag Är En Fakkin Gee features vocals by Swedish hip hop legend Adam Tensta as well as oh-so-magic singer Julia Spada. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics, the song’s strong vocals and striking beats say enough. Listen below.

MØ – Say You’ll Be There
When we met with Danish newcomer MØ for an interview last year, she revealed that it was Spice Girls who awoke her interested in music making, saying that “after listening to Spice Girls’ Spice for the first time, I knew I wanted to be a musician.” This week, MØ shared her version of Spice Girl’s Say You’ll Be There, presenting an modern take on the classic Girl Power anthem. Listen below.

Metronomy – Love Letters
This week, the title track  from Metronomy’s forthcoming album Love Letters was accompanied by a wonderfully playful video, made by French director Michel Gondry. In addition to movie masterpieces such as Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, The Science of Sleep, and The We and the I, Michel Gondry has also directed music videos for acts like Björk and Daft Punk.

– It’s simple but skillful and really highlights the art of tambourine playing, the band says about the video.

Watch it below.