Radar Recommends w. 8

This week’s edition of Radar Recommends features Zhala’s stunning debut EP Prophet, Lucy McRae’s swallowable perfume experiments, and a fluorescent Linda Pira remix.     

Zhala – Prophet
The first signee to Robyn’s Konichiwa Records, Swedish experimental pop singer Zhala just dropped her highly anticipated debut EP Prophet. Moving between deep electronic soundscapes, experimental pop melodies, haunting vocals, and rave beats, Zhala brings something completely unique and stunningly good to the Swedish pop scene. During this week’s Grammis award ceremony, Zhala performed a special version of the EP’s title track together with her label boss Robyn, paying homage to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit video. Watch the performance below and listen to Prophet here.

Naomi Pilgrim – Rainmakers (Saturday, Monday Remix)
This week, Stockholm producer Saturday, Monday unveiled his take on Rainmakers, the third single from Swedish-Barbadian newcomer Naomi Pilgrim, adding pitched down vocals, slow building beats, and uplifting hi-hats to Naomi Pilgrim’s delicate pop tune. Listen below.

Rebecca & Fiona – Candy Love
Sweden’s dance duo Rebecca & Fiona are back from the dark with a smashing new single. Titled Candy Love, the single is accompanied by a sugary video signed Stockholm multi-talent Tommie X. The new single is the first take from the duo’s upcoming second album, Beauty Is Pain, out in April. Watch the video below, and notice the Fredrik Paulsen furniture used as props.

Lucy McRae – Swallowable Parfum
During her speech at Hall of Femme‘s interdisciplinary seminar Talks, held in Stockholm in May last year, Australian artist and filmmaker Lucy McRae introduced us to her imaginary swallowable perfume project. Naming herself a Body Architect, Lucy McRae is interested in the relationship between the body, technology, and the grey areas of synthetic and organic materials. In her one-minute-movie Swallowable Parfum, premiered this week at Nowness, the artist explores the possibilities of scent and biologically-enhanced beauty through a vivid and enchanting choreography. Watch it below and read more about the project here.

Linda Pira – Knäpper mina fingrar (Remix)
Two days after Stockholm rapper Linda Pira was named Best New Act at Swedish music award Grammis, the remix of her 2013 banger Knäpper mina fingrar was released. Featuring Rosh, Julia Spada, Vanessa Falk, Sep, Kumba, Joy, Cleo, and Rawda, the song is an explosion of female talent, followed by a fluorescent street art video, directed by fellow rapper and Grammis award-winner Stor. Watch it below.