Monday list:

M o o d :

Fever+ headache + flu = feeling like a potato that someone pushed down the stairs.

L i k e d     o n      P i n t e r e s t :

''O u t f i t '' :

I call this ” I can’t move because everything is hurting , so if I fall, I fall softly”

p r e t t y s k y:

Yesterday I visited my brother in Vaasa. The sky was ” cotton candy perfection” and all the buildings got perfect light on them.

v i d e o s     o n     y o u t u b e   
  I     r e c e n t l y     w a t c h e d :

  1. Season 1 & 2 of I-D serie Beyond Beauty with Grace Neutral. Especially like the first season, when Grace travelled to South Korea to look at the beauty standards and why having tattoos is illegal.
  2.    this short Tavi Gevinson interview
  3.  I’m also going trough all Casey Neistat’s vlogs. Love how he edit his videos. He gets me really inspired to start experimenting with filmmaking again.

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  1. klara

    loved the beyond beauty series! hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Hanna

    Krya på dig! <3 Drick massa te och ät choklad tills du mår bättre. Måste ännu tillägga att alla dina bilder är goals och att du är så himla himla duktig. Många kramar!

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