3 x Happy Jankell

Happy Jankell showed up to Stockholm’s public library with a big smile on her face and a coffee in one hand, telling me that she tried not to have coffee that day but gave up after three hours (I understood her – I would never give up coffee for that many hours). Why did we meet? Happy was going to show me her three favourite spots in Stockholm!


1. Stockholm’s Public Library
When you asked me about places I like, I thought of libraries in general. I like that they are open to everyone. I (who am a freelancer) sometimes get an hour off here and there, and then there is usually a library I can go and sit in. When I was studying creative writing some years ago, I used to come here and sit in one of the rooms and study. I find it fascinating to have all those people around who sits there with thick books and minimal text and read about something, for them very interesting.

– Imagine that all the thousands of books in the libraries are written by someone. It’s crazy! After I studied writing, I got so much more respect for the writing profession. I do not understand how people can finish writing a book! It’s extremely impressive. I think that many do not realize that libraries are available, and I think more people should take advantage of the fact that they are. And also, it is extremely beautiful here.


Stockholm’s public library is located at Sveavägen 73.

When we were done edmiring the beautiful buildning we went out into the sunny weather and took a walk from Odenplan to Östermalm. During the walk I had the chance to ask about her job and what it´s like being an actor. I was really impressed – it’s such a cool job! After 15 minuetes of walking and talking we had reached our second spot:

2. The ice-cream bar at Taverna Brillo
– If I’ll be honest, I have probably been here about three days every week for the past two years. In the beginning, it was because I had friends who worked here. But now it’s simply because they have Stockholm’s best ice cream.


– Me and my friends usually go here in the evening and order ice cream and champagne. Such a good combo! My favourites are the salty caramel and pistachio. I thought I had eaten good pistachio ice cream before, but then I ate it here.

Pictures from Happy´s instagram

Taverna Brillo is located at Sturegatan 6/Humlegårdsgatan 19

After a quick stop at the ice-cream bar (no, we didn’t have any ice-cream this time, it was to early in the morning) we continued our little tour, discussing different ice-cream flavours and wether Alex Schulman was sponsored by Tavernas truffle-pizza or not (then we saw this article and figured not). After five minutes we reached our third and last stop:

3. Dramaten
Me and my sister used to hang out here all the time when we were younger. When Romeo and Juliet was playing, I saw it six times… Going to the theater is something people should do more often, it is so much more accessible than people think. And if you are under 26 years you can buy a ticket for just 100kr. That´s like going to the movies, only better.


– When you watch a movie or a series, it is easy to start thinking of something else, to take up your phone or something. People would not do that during a performance. I think it can be compared to a yoga class or something. Going to the theater is good for the soul!


Dramaten is located at Nybroplan

After visiting Dramaten, Happy and I said goodbye. She was going to work with something cool (obviously), and I was going home to work with something not so cool.

Happys instagram