Radar Mix: Axel Hjertman

This week’s mix comes from DJ and industrial design student Axel Hjertman. Born in Stockholm and based in Berlin, Axel is the founder of Malmö club ZEIT and a recurrent DJ at Berlin’s Bar Nachbeben, just to mention a few of his undertakings. Here he treats us to a stunning mix featuring some of Sweden’s finest, such as Axel Boman, Kornél Kovács, and The Field, as well as tracks by Bambounou, DJ Koze, The Mole, and more. 

Tell us more about your mixtape.
– Basically, it’s some old favourites of mine, like The Persuader – What Is The Time, Mr. Templar?, as well as the not too old Bambounou track Fake Jake which is just incredible with its down whirling synth shots and the simple straight forward drums and vocal shot. Among the songs released within this year we have the Fantastic Piano from dear beloved Axel Boman and the very recent Barnhus release by Kornél Kovács – Szikra. Both incredible, and I had to have them together in the middle as sort of an interlude before I kick in the last crescendo which takes off with another EP from the end of February, the John Tejada remix of The Field’s Cupids Head.

When do you think one should listen to it?
– You can listen to it whenever you like, really. I would myself prefer it just before I head out into the unknown.

­What was the first album you bought and really loved?
– I think it must be when I came out of Berghain a couple of years ago and bought the Translation EP from Marcel Dettmann. That is some pure droning industrial techno-love… And I still play it in most sets.

On May 2, Axel Hjertman will play at Copenhagen open air Mind the Green, and on May 3 he’ll be at Debaser Malmö. 

Photography by Tanja Obradovic.