Naomi Pilgrim – Giljotin Session

With loads of remixes and celebrated tracks behind her, talented artist Naomi Pilgrim recently scaled down and recorded two tracks at Teater Giljotin in Stockholm. The live session EP is filled with passion, and Radar met up with her to talk about it! 

What does making music mean to you?
– I love making music. When things come together right is the best freaking trip in the world. I often think about how lucky I am to be able to do what I do with the people I do it with. Thank you universe!

Where do you feel the most at home as an artist – in the studio, or on stage in front of an audience?
– I really enjoy both, but my love for community is deep, so my answer is on stage. It’s magical to go into something together, and a show is a perfect setting for that.

Your perhaps most famous song ‘House of Dreams’ describes a place where you get do do whatever you want. Do you have such a place in real life?
– Several. The song is really about hanging in vortex, which in one of my favourite places on earth, even tho it’s really a state of mind. It can happen on a dance floor, in the middle of nowhere or on a “wearing white sneakers and now it started to rain” kind of day but your overall feeling is ‘fuck it, brown is cute too la la la’. 

In the song ‘Sink Like a Stone’ you sing about prejudices. Is Sweden a prejudice country?
– Haha, yes. But I’ll turn the question around; what prejudices do you have? I have lots. It’s a human thing for sure.

Who do you write music for? For yourself, or for others?
– Myself mainly, up until the day it’s released. When a song is out it doesn’t really belong to me anymore, and that’s the beauty of it all.

You sing beautifully about your mother in the track with the same name (‘Mama’). What does she mean to you? And how did she react to the song?
– My mom is a super duper person who hasn’t just been working very hard as a single mom to get things flowing in the family, but who has also always been a tree-hugger/ streak outside the castle/ loving-kind of person. While other parents where yammering about watching the new car paint I got to paint diffuse patterns with white wood-color on our red Wolkswagen-bubble.  I love her beyond words – she’s diplomatic and sensible.

Tell us about your latest release, Giljotin Session! How was the idea for the project born? Who is behind it?
– After the different remixes and mixes we’ve been working on during the fall, I felt like ‘Mama’ had to land/ get back home safe and sound. I knew that I wanted to release two tracks, but it wasn’t until two days before our session that I realized what a nice closure Sharon Van Etten’s ‘Our Love’ would be. I was working at Giljotin back in the days and went through a major heart break there, so, the track got to be an hommage to past times.

– I put it together with guitar godess Sanna Sikborn-Erixon who also produced it. Stella Tors Berefelt plays the drum pad and Carolina Wallin-Perez sings back-up vocals. Good-energy-people, for sure!

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Photos by Beata Cervin