Radar Mix: Mandatory Fame with Strictly Vinyl

This week we present to you Gabriel Ferntoft, who goes by the decisive artist name Mandatory Fame. Sit back and let your self delve in to this illusory set, or dance to the subtle shifts between a deep and epileptic sound that Mandatory Fame has conjured – ranging from minimal, techno to even some house.

With his background playing the drums, Gabriel started exploring records  about a year ago when he and two friends stumbled upon two turntables and a mixer in his friends cousins basement.  When playing, Mandatory Fame brings his newfound love of expressing music together with his drumming roots; the result being a dynamic and rhythmic mix. This mix is a blend of minimal and techno, dark but also beautiful, with the sole purpose of making you close your eyes and letting the music eat your soul. Strictly vinyl of course.


Mandatory Fame’s Soundcloud