nu jävlar!

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hoppa på gbg-tåget direkt från tentan, nu full fräs ! wihwiwwwweeee !

ylen ligger o snarkar men jag imponerade på konduktören genom att hala upp hennes mobil, knäcka hennes säkerhetskod och visa upp  hennes biljett. hon märkte ingenting. SKILLZZZ

house vs techno

Ang att vissa tycker att man (=vi) borde välja mellan att spela techno och att spela house…

Ryan Elliott intervju i Meoko:

“First off, you are in a very unique position seeing as you have a residency both at Panorama Bar and Berghain. Of course, they are both under the same roof, but how do you approach each of them?

I usually play more at Panorama compared to Berghain.  I’m lucky that I get to play at both. Obviously Panorama is more house and Berghain is more techno, but in Panorama it can be pretty techno and in Berghain it can sometimes be house. I don’t know what I would do if I got stuck just playing at one because I play both techno and house and it always seems like good timing, when I’m tired of all my house records I’m ready to play at Berghain and vice versa. Especially, if you do the last set in Berghain then you can really go deeper into house and if it’s peak time at Panorama you can play more techno.”


Bjussarr på ett fint hus också, straight outta Shanghai! *INSP_O*